Frac Manifold Solutions


Driven by an evolving market that demands safe, efficient, cost-effective options, Performance delivers options. Our new MWLP SAFEfrac Manifold System is specifically designed for operators drilling/fracking multiple wells on a single pad. Our unique modula concept gives operators the capability of rigging-up/fracking multiple wells without having to move/relocate the pumping equipment, drastically reducing the timeframe for completion of the pad.

Modular Design

Each Leg or Injection Block Assembly is individually skid-mounted, certified lifting eyes, and equipped with a self-contained jacking/leveling devices, resulting in reduced rig-up/rig-down time. In addition, the design incorporates features that allow the repair/recertification process to be performed without having to completely dismantle the assembly from the skid.

Redundant Barrier

The MWLP Manifold System incorporates a double gate valve design, isolating the injection block both upstream/downstream.

Injection Tube

Unlike previous designs, the majority of the frac media being pumped through the manifold is contained within the Injection Tube. Utilizing this design eliminates the possibly of idle valves (upstream/downstream) becoming packed-off during the frac operation.

The Injection Tube design also incorporates the use of isolation valves. This eliminates the probability of the Injection Tube from getting packed-off with frac media while performing pumping operations on another well (upstream/downstream).

Low-Profile Design

The low profile design eliminates excessive wear to the numerous crosses, tees, and other specialized components required from previous designs. In addition, it substantially reduces the amount of chicsan lines required to connect the system to the Goathead/Frac Stack.

Injection Tube Connections

The enclosed drawing shows the Performance “SAFEconnect” connection. The field proven, design tested connection provides quick makeup, dependable connections. No special tooling is required for the SAFEconnect connection. All connections are made up “Hand Tight”.